Cheers to underdogs beating the odds; jeers to an accurate weather forecast.

Cheers to the underdogs beating the odds
    Cheers to the underdogs of professional sports, or more specifically, the Washington Nationals, Oakland Athletics and the Baltimore Orioles of Major League Baseball.

    The strangest things can happen sometimes in professional sports. When everyone expects a team to perform a certain way, that team surprises everyone by overachieving. Take the Minnesota Vikings game against the San Francisco 49ers on September 23, for example. No one expected the Vikings to win, but they did, and by 11 points, too.

    Now as far as the two baseball teams are concerned, they really came out of the blue. The Washington Nationals have had an up and down way of it since they started in D.C. in 2005. Last year they finished 80-81 so improvement stemming from there was a definite possibility. Pretty sure, though, that they weren’t expected to finish the regular season with 94 wins and clinch homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. Then there are the Baltimore Orioles. They have really surprised everyone. They’ve had several losing seasons, especially since the post Cal-Ripken era. Now they have the chance to get into the playoffs if they win their play-in game against the Texas Rangers. Even if they don’t, it will still be a successful season for them. And what can you say about the Oakland A’s? A while back they were 13 games out of first place, and then they caught up to and, on the last day of the regular season, surpassed the mighty Texas Rangers on Wednesday.

    So, cheers to these two teams for beating the odds.

– Amanda Wagner, Times intern

Jeers to an apparently accurate weather forecast
    The meteorologists were apparently spot-on with their forecast for today, sadly. Most people probably thought that they'd wake up to a few flakes on the ground with maybe an inch or so of snow. Think again, and never underestimate Minnesota's unpredictable weather.             

Considering that Crookston is about a month early with its first measurable snowfall, we can almost assume that we won’t be seeing much of that calm, perfect fall weather that we usually see up until late October.

    The thing to be most worried about with weather like this so early on is thinking about what it will be like once winter actually comes.

    But regardless of what mother-nature brings, Minnesotans were raised expecting the worse in the weather and to always dress in layers.

    If there’s a cheery side to all this, it’s that the moisture eases the fire threat, and can only ease the drought, too.

– Katie Davidson, student staff writer