It's a slushy mess out there.

Although it took a while for the rain to change over to snow, the winter storm warning issued for Crookston and the surrounding region by the National Weather Service at press time Thursday seemed to be living up to its advance hype. At mid-morning, reports of a power line down on the highway in Fisher triggered an early release from school there. Power outages were reported in Crookston as well, including at Highland School. Crookston schools let out early, at noon.

    Although the roads seem to be slushy more than anything, as the temperature keeps dropping and the snow keeps accumulating, travel conditions are expected to deteriorate further. The snow is also being whipped around by north winds gusting up to around 50 miles an hour.

    The winter storm warning remains in effect until 1 a.m. Friday.   

 Snowfall amounts are expected to vary widely, with 6 to 10 inches possible in the northern Red River Valley, and maybe up to a foot the further north you go, toward the Canadian border.