Crookston won on a 23-yard touchdown pass by Dylan Klatt to Aaron Hollcraft in a battle between Heart O' Lakes Conference rivals.

The Pirates came back from a 13-3 deficit Friday against the Breckenridge Cowboys and won on a 23-yard touchdown pass by senior quarterback Dylan Klatt, playing with a hard cast on his broken left wrist, to sophomore receiver Aaron Hollcraft to win 20-13 in a battle between Heart O' Lakes Conference rivals in Breckenridge.

Crookston improves to 3-2 on the season and will host Pequot Lakes Friday, Oct. 5. Breckenridge falls to 0-5 on the season.

"It was a nice win, nice win," Pirate Head Coach Scott Butt said after the win. "We made work out of it but it was a nice win. Give Breckenridge credit, they're a good football team and they play hard. They're going to be a real good team in the future. People look at them at 0-5 but they don't look actually see who they've played. They played Pelican Rapids and it was a close game and Pelican Rapids is a heck of a team. Breckenridge is a good team that just hasn't had a break to get over the hump."

Pirate senior Brett Delage had a 27-yard field goal in the second quarter to cut the deficit to 7-3 and a 20-yard field goal in the fourth quarter to tie the game at 13-13.

"Brett Delage almost had another field goal but we had trouble blocking off edge," explained Coach Butt. "In practice he hit one from 46 yards and just missed 52 yards. We felt positive about our field goal kicking coming in which is kind of nice."

Senior running back Josh Edlund had a two-yard touchdown run in the third quarter to cut the deficit to 13-10 for the Pirates. He rushed for 141 yards on 31 carries.

Klatt finished 10 for 15 passing with 150 yards and a touchdown. Hollcraft had five receptions for 70 yards, senior Alex Boone had 51 yards on four receptions and senior Seth Solheim had one catch for 29 yards.

Following Delage's 20-yard field goal in the fourth quarter, Klatt and Hollcraft connected for the game-winning touchdown with about six minutes remaining.

"We ran hitches on the outside and we had Aaron run what we call a Fargo route, basically go far," explained Coach Butt. "He got behind the safety and Dylan did a nice job getting the ball out there. The nice thing with Aaron is if it's anything close to a rebound he's going to get it. He did a nice job selling the route, making the safety think he was running a hitch and ran right by him. It was a well thrown ball too."

Cowboy quarterback Nate Blaufuss completed 12 of 16 passes for 101 yards with one interception. Conrad Kondos had four receptions for 52 yards and rushed seven times for 47 yards.

The Pirate offense was balanced with weapons.

"We were all over the place offensively," said Coach Butt. "We couldn't sustain anything the whole night. Three step hitches and backside traps really worked well for us. We were able to throw hitches the majority of night. We also went to the backside trap play to the one receiver side that opened things up.

"All night they key on [Josh Edlund] hard," Coach Butt continued. "Josh ran hard; he's never, never not run hard. Things didn't come easy for him tonight. It's a credit to their defense. They did a heck of a job keying on him.

"Dylan threw the ball pretty darn well," Butt said. "He waited a little too long and took a couple sacks. Running the option was a little difficult tonight with him always having to pitch with his right hand. That was the best he's thrown it since week one."

On the defensive side of the ball the Pirates made plays all night long.

"The defense got after the quarterback really well tonight," said Coach Butt. "The front four really got penetration well. Andrew Waller was incredible in there, splitting double teams and penetrating well. It was nice to see tonight. Our safeties really ball hawked. Josh Edlund had an interception. We had good pass defense and kept everything in front of us."

Coming back after being down 13-3 in the second half was key for the Pirates.

"I'm not thrilled with way we played at times but we found out we could come back," Butt said. "We kept our composure in the second half and kept fighting to stay in the game. We learned it isn't over until there are zeroes on the clock. Kids fought to stay in the game."