Six were taped, but only three made the show.

A Medora teen's bizarre ability to whistle through her eye socket nearly earned her a national audience.

The Dickinson Press reported ( ) that 16-year-old Ashley Ellison had a chance to be part of the "stupid human tricks" segment on Tuesday night's "Late Show with David Letterman."

"It's just me blowing air through my eye," she said. "I thought everybody could kind of do it, and I didn't think it was that rare of a thing, but I guess it is."

The Belfield High School junior was one of six performers in the taped segment, but only three made the national broadcast. Ashley did not.

Her parents, Doug and Mary, sent a video to the show last spring touting Ashley's unique whistling ability.

"My parents did it just to annoy me," she said.

Ashley was surprised when she found out she was chosen to perform.

"I kind of went into shock," Ashley said. "My parents called me to let me know when I was in the middle of Algebra II."

The show paid for Ashley and one parent to travel to New York, and the family bought a third ticket.

New York wouldn't have been the couple's first choice for a getaway, said Doug Ellison, the mayor of the southwest North Dakota tourist town.

"Who would want to go to New York City?" he said.

But Ashley was excited to see the city, the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

"I'm hoping that we have some time to kind of tour around and see all of the stuff," she said.