They work for tax-ducking fat-cats.

TEA-Party type Republican 1B Representative Farmer Debra Kiel and her “1-percenter”  insurance agent colleague, 1A Representative Dan Fabian are not only supporting the lockout of American Crystal Sugar plant workers, they are supporting the lockout of homeowners from fair taxes. They want to destroy our state and local government by only working for Wall Street insurers, banks and corporations. They sure are not working for us.

    During the 2011 and 2012 Legislative Sessions that Kiel and Fabian have represented northwest Minnesota in St. Paul, they have irresponsibly voted 14 times against balancing the state budget, 9 and 11 times, respectively, against public and college school funding, 12 times against health care and safety for working, elderly, disabled and poor people, 3 times against law enforcement concerns, 3 times against environmental protections, 20 times against the working class people who generate wealth for everyone else while getting lower and lower wages, and 5 times against farmers and small businesses. Instead, they voted 12 times for corporations, insurers and special interests and 11 votes against fair taxes for those corporations and the rich that saddle the rest of us with their tax share.

    I suppose nothing better can be expected of insurance agent Dan Fabian, but Debra Kiel talks about “individual responsibility” yet collects 1995-2011 tax-supported crop subsidies of $908,501 including $53,602 in sugar beet subsidies while supporting union shut-down legislation and activities. ( These Kiel and Fabian 2011 votes can be found at with a more limited count of all of their 2012 votes as vetoed by Governor Dayton at,2011.

    These votes show that Kiel, Fabian and their TEA-Party Republican friends with their “entitlement” trickle-down “voodoo economics” are waging class warfare against the working class with the repeated lie that these corporate tax breaks somehow create jobs. These tax breaks instead go to Chinese and other foreign investors. Or, tax breaks go to Republican Super-Pacs that buy advertisements to hide the fact corporations purchase tax breaks with campaign donations that totally corrupt our democracy and tax fairness.

    This November, vote out Republicans like Debra Kiel and Dan Fabian who represent only tax-ducking, fat-cat, entitlement, Republicans.