Cheers to Chris Bates handling of Predator and Prey-gate, and jeers to bomb threats that are far from funny. the handling of the 'Predator
and Prey Day' controversy and publicity
One of the many duties of a superintendent of schools should be to defend the school district he or she runs. This past week, new Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Chris Bates, fulfilled that duty.
Over the last few days, Crookston High School has been mentioned in the national media, being known as the school that added "Predator and Prey Day" to their Homecoming days of the week.
While most of the opinions of this day were irrational and at times out of line, there was one reaction that was rather calm and collected. That was the reaction of Mr. Bates, who claimed that yes, a better decision should have been made in naming the day, but that it was done in pure innocence by kids who saw it as a fun thing, not something that could be taken inappropriately.
Cheers to you, Mr. Bates. Thank you for representing Crookston in a civilized way, and for defending the students of your school district in a messy situation.
– Katie Davidson, Student Staff Writer all the bomb threats
Jeers to the individuals who have recently made bomb threats to several colleges and universities around the country. It is nothing to joke about, especially in this post 9/11 world we live in.
Terrorism is real and a global problem. To make threats aimed at large institutions such as North Dakota State University and Louisiana State University is more than an inconvenience. The communities got scared, confused and everything was messed up. Valuable class time was missed, meals for the elderly were unable to be delivered and the traffic was plugged up, not to mention the extra police force that was required.
There were also area airports that were threatened on the actual anniversary of 9/11, and that is uncalled for.
These types of pranks are nothing to laugh at.
– Amanda Wagner, Times Intern