Inaugural "Celebrate My Drive" teen driver safety campaign sponsored by Andy Oman State Farm Insurance.

"Celebrate My Drive," a teen driver safety campaign sponsored by Andy Oman State Farm Insurance, was held on the Crookston High School grounds Saturday, with dozens of teens turning out to participate in the fun offerings and prizes of the day. The event aimed to help adolescent drivers celebrate the responsibility of driving through positive reinforcements and educational activities.

The most popular activity was the obstacle course in which teens maneuvered a golf cart through an obstacle course, with a law enforcement officer seated beside them and an evaluator critiquing from the sidelines. During the first run, the driver went through the course driving as he/she normally would. The second time around, he/she did it while texting. More often than not, drivers did much worse during the texting run, as demonstrated by the number of cones they hit and whether they ran the stop sign. Their texts were also evaluated for accuracy, which showed a correlation between the most dead-on text messages and worse driving.

Crookston Police Officer Don Rasicot, who helped coordinate the event, and Oman deemed Crookston's first "Celebrate My Drive" a great success with good attendance and hope to build on it next year.

The Crookston Police Department, Fire Department, Crookston Area Ambulance, Polk County Sheriff's Office, Crookston Civil Air Patrol Squadron, CHS Leo Club, Elite DJs (Jake Fee), along with individual volunteers, assisted with the event.