Well, we got the first win down, hopefully followed by more to come.

Well, we got the first win down, hopefully followed by more to come. Our volleyball team may not have the best record six games into the season, but I can tell you that I've enjoyed playing with these girls the whole way through. Our game against Sacred Heart last night showed us how uplifting winning can be, and I hope there will be plenty more of that to come.

Last night, we came into the game desperate for a win. Monday night we played in Fertile, not our best effort, but we weren't about to let that hang over us. We were determined to win on Thursday. "We will win on Thursday," Coach Boike declared after a 3-0 loss in Fertile. Our team needed that, a boost of confidence and encouragement coming into Thursday night's game.

Sacred Heart had the first serve of the game, but with a quick side-out, we came out with intensity and didn't lose it for most of the game. Playing on our home-court with our amazing student section helped us keep the energy alive throughout the match. Before last night's game, we hadn't won a home game since 2010. Despite that, our community still comes out to watch our games and support us. That is why I love our Crookston community, something I will miss next year at college.

With the engaged fans and keeping the lead for most of the game, our team was loud and proud. I've found in volleyball that in most cases the louder you are the better you play. Most of the time, our team tends to back down and hang our heads after a few bad sets, missed passes or out of play hits. That wasn't the case last night, everyone kept a positive attitude and continued to attack, attack and attack. I even saw a few smiles on the court. Seeing everyone having fun and enjoying themselves out on the court is a great feeling, a few wins adds to that enjoyment too.

Although we may not have the best record, and don't have as many wins as we would like to start the season with, I will not say that we have had a bad start to the season. Sure a few more wins would be nice, but I couldn't ask for a better group of girls to spend my final year of volleyball with. We've had fun along the way, made unforgettable memories and have built long-lasting friendships. They could've easily thrown the towel in after loss number 5, but that's not the character of these girls. They deserved that win last night along with many more to come.