Cheers to us, and jeers to horrific animal cruelty. the Crookston Daily Times
Or rather, cheers to the people behind the scenes who make it all happen. And who also make working at a small local newspaper worthwhile.
It has been a whirlwind of adventure these last few months with the Times' staff, running about trying to dig up stories or scrounging around for a good photo opportunity.
It is the people that make the place, and those found furiously typing away in the Crookston Daily Times' "newsroom" are of phenomenal character. It has been a thrill working around individuals who make one laugh every day due to their hilarious comments and infectious personalities.
A special thanks goes out to the four that work in the newsroom: Mike, Katie, Derek, and Natalie; immensely appreciated was the time spent working with all of you.
Thank you.
– Yvette Reyes, Times intern incredible cruelty
How sick do you have to be to tie a dog to railroad tracks, to die a slow and painful death? Yes that actually happened in Fisher on Tuesday; you can't make that kind of stuff up.
A bulldog mix was found Tuesday near the railroad tracks just west of the Fisher Cenex gas station on Polk County Highway 245. The dog, named "Lucky" considering the circumstances, had been hit by an oncoming train and still managed to make it out alive.
A Fisher resident tried to pull "Lucky" away from the tracks, and called the Humane Society of Polk County shortly after.
Thankfully "Lucky" is in safe hands now and is being treated for his injuries, which amazingly aren't life-threatening.
Jeers to whomever purposely tortured this poor dog by tying him up, leaving him to die in particularly horrible fashion. Hopefully the police can track down this animal abuser and bring him/them to justice before any other animals are put in danger.
– Katie Davidson, Times intern