Current workers should have been grandfathered in.

Now that the AFL-CIO is getting more involved, if union members around the country ask their neighbors on each side of their home and across the street, that will add up to millions of people boycotting American Crystal Sugar and Our Family Sugar which is packed for Hugos, and also WalMart's Taste Great sugar. Then there will be pressure on former Target shareholder Governor Dayton to urge Target stores to buy their sugar from Minn-Dak at Wahpeton, North Dakota.

    The Fargo Forum and Grand Forks Herald always mentions that the workers were offered a 17 percent wage increase over 5 years. But their larger health insurance premiums would wipe out the increase in pay. The papers fail to mention that the Crystal board members get $25,000 per year and the chairman over $58,000 per year.

    David Berg has had his year-long party. Now the public will have a party for Dave Berg. The solutions should have been to grandfather the current workers in and start new workers on a different insurance and pay scale. That way Crystal wins and so do the locked out workers.