On our glitch-filled new website, Miss Crookston Pageant, Yvette's college adventure, a cooperative Mother Nature this week, and the most wonderful time of the year...

Patience with our new site
GateHouse Media, which owns the Crookston Daily Times and more than 300 other newspaper properties in the country, is in the process of launching new websites at its publications. The Times' new site launched early Friday afternoon, Aug. 10. And, yes, there are glitches. We are as of yet unable to successfully upload any local videos. Our Community Blog Network page on the site is still "in development," meaning readers won't see our bloggers, like Daniel Wolpert and Margaret (Samuelson) Unruh, for "a few weeks." Our online poll, which is supposed to stay in place for a week until being replaced with a new poll, keeps disappearing after two days. And the "News Now" list to the immediate right of the "Top Stories" list is supposed to be a "Most Popular" stories on the site list, but as of yet is not. ("News Now" can now be found as a ticker scrolling horizontally near the top of the homepage.) So, please, bear with us. It'll be a great site once everything is ironed out.

Support our local pageant
The Miss Crookston Scholarship Pageant, in its present form, has been going since 1991, but it was around off and on in various formats decades before. On Friday, the 36th Miss Crookston will be crowned, with other contestants winning scholarship awards as well. The titleholder does not automatically advance to the Miss Minnesota Pageant like other area pageant winners do, but her job is no less important than theirs. She represents the city at numerous events throughout the year, both here and away, some of which may take precedent over other engagements. She also serves as a role model to younger girls as well as her peers. Scholarship is the key word in all this, as the purpose of the pageant is to recognize and reward the outstanding young ladies who bravely put themselves under the microscope throughout an intense week with incentives to further their education. This is why it's important to fill the CHS auditorium Friday, even with all the other Ox Cart Days events going on, to show support for the program and the contestants.

Good luck, 'Yetti'
From Minnesota to New Mexico, Crookston Daily Times' very own Summer Intern, Yvette 'Yetti' Reyes, will be taking on quite a large adventure later this week when she leaves for college. Yvette has been working at the Times since early June, and there have been very few dull moments with her since then. With her upbeat attitude, friendliness, quirky personality and fake mustache obsession, she has brought a lot of spunk to the newsroom. She may be starting over in a whole new environment and state, but that won't stop her, she'll be making friends the minute she steps onto campus. Hopefully, New Mexico will be a great experience for her, filled with opportunities, learning and some fun along the way. Best of wishes to Yetti, it has been a pleasure getting to work with her, and she will be missed back here in good ole Minnesota.
– Katie Davidson, Times intern

A cooperative Mother Nature
We would like to see cooperation from the weather. Yes, the weather is not really controllable, but for the sake of events that take place outside, such as the Battle of the Bands, let's hope for some sunshine. On the other hand, the Night 2 Unite was met with some gloomy weather, but a few droplets didn't dampen the spirits of the people. Moreover, it would be terrible but not completely uninteresting if the bands were playing and an unexpected lightning storm caused the lead member to be electrocuted while in mid dive, ready to embrace the fans in crowd surfing. That'd be something to see. There could also be some diversity incorporated into the Battle of the Bands experience, such as a troupe of trumpeters in conjunction to river dancers. Who wouldn't want to be entranced by river dancers tapping away to the sweet tunes of golden trumpets, twinkling in the sunlight.
– Yvette Reyes, Times intern

The most wonderful time of the year?
It's that time of the year! The time when sports fans all around the country get to live their dream and be the general manager of a football team. The fantasy football season is coming quickly and if you haven't gotten into multiple leagues yet you're going to miss all the fun. Call up your buddies, start one up and earn those bragging rights. Just remember three things for this fantasy football season. One, pay your league fees on time. Two, don't draft any Vikings. Three, play Fantasy Field Goal. Email sports@crookstontimes.com your picks, a QB, RB and receiver, for week one anytime between now and the first game of week one. Good luck.