Fargo officials unveil a portrait of Jasper Chapin, mayor of the 1800s.

Fargo officials are unveiling a portrait of a late 1800s mayor whose sketch has been inconspicuously missing from a longtime display of city leaders.

Jasper Chapin is known as the "Father of Fargo." He served as mayor from 1880 to 1882. Historians say he built a hotel and opera house and threw parties for citizens with his own money.

A wall of mayors is featured in Fargo City Hall. Three women who regularly observe the display during their exercise walks noticed recently that Chapin's portrait was not among the luminaries.

Subsequent research by city officials showed that at least seven other Fargo mayors are not illustrated on the wall.

Chapin's portrait, painted by native North Dakota artist Burdette Calkins, will be unveiled Thursday morning by current Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker.