Cheers to Convoy of Hope, jeers to honoring the wrong Team of the Year... Convoy of Hope
    In Moorhead in late June, a beautiful morning greeted a host of volunteers as they set up for the day’s event: Convoy of Hope. Even before the function started, there were people lining up at the entrance awaiting the features of the day: haircuts, shoes, and groceries, all of which were conveniently free.
    Convoy of Hope is a faith-based organization whose noble mission is to help those in need, specifically the homeless, poor, and widowed. The organization has been involved with aiding people around the world in places such as Ethiopia and Bulgaria; however, recently the Convoy of Hope began its 50-state tour in which at each state it rallies together a group of volunteers from the community to help with distributing food and much more. 
– Yvette Reyes, Times Intern honoring the wrong Team of the Year
    On July 11, the annual Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards was held in Los Angeles. Many teams and specific athletes were honored and recognized for their outstanding performances during their seasons, but one team didn’t receive the full credit they deserved.
    Baylor’s women’s basketball team, led by all-American Brittney Griner, who was not surprisingly named Female Athlete of the Year, was undefeated in the 2011-2012 season with a 40-0 record, something no other NCAA team has ever done. There has never been a college basketball team with more than 39 wins. The Baylor Bears made history, but according to America, they still aren’t deserving of Team of the Year.
    Sure enough, the team that was hated by most of America just a year ago, the unforgettable Miami Heat took home the Team of the Year Award. Sure the Heat are a great team, worthy of the award, but did they make history this year? No.
    Jeers to the fact that it’s almost foolish to think that a women’s college basketball team could be praised more than an NBA team.
– Kate Davidson, Times Intern