Marcum is a 2009 graduate of Merrill High School in Merrill, Wis.

This summer Stacey Marcum, a senior at the University of Minnesota, Crookston, is completing an internship that fits perfectly into her chosen major--communication with a concentration in sports and marketing--as she works with the athletic department on campus. Marcum is a 2009 graduate of Merrill High School in Merrill, Wis.

In her position Marcum is experiencing the wide spectrum of activities taking place in a college athletic department, from working with compliance to events and marketing. The variety of the job is one of Marcum’s favorite things. “I get to do so many different things here. One day I will be working with Club Kid doing athletic activities with the kids, the next I will be in a meeting to get advertising at the baseball field,” she explains, “I have also been the communicator between UMC and the company that is printing pocket schedules to be handed out to people at games so they know when the fall athletic events are, and I am making posters to promote athletics. I love it all.”

Marcum is one of many students who based their decision on what college to attend on the athletics they are involved in. She came to the U of M, Crookston on a softball scholarship as a freshman and undecided about her major. “I really liked the campus and the softball program, I figured I would take some general classes and figure out my major from there,” she explains.

With some classes behind her and some friendships formed, Marcum began talking to students in different majors trying to decide what path to follow. She really liked her communication classes, such as speech and writing, and she loved sports.  In her conversations with some students in the communication major she realized a career path with this major was one she was interested in. With an emphasis in communication studies she also saw she could tailor the major to her interests in sports and marketing by choosing 21 credits of classes in this concentration area.

Marcum believes her internship with UMC athletics has been very valuable. It has helped her realize this is the field she loves and where she would like to continue to work. Having been on the softball team for her past three years at UMC, Marcum knew quite a bit about athletics going into the position but has been surprised at how much she has learned, especially in terms of her future career. “In this role I have discovered that working in the college setting is a place I could see myself in the future,” she says. “I would love to be an athletic director at a university one day or work in compliance. If I didn’t do that, marketing for a professional sports team would also be a dream job.” Softball is still and always will be a passion for Marcum, “I would love to coach a softball team at the college level as I work my way up to being athletic director.”

For now Marcum is content doing all she can to help UMC athletics grow in the coming years, including working on posters and promotions to help the community become more aware of the athletic events that take place on campus and when they are happening.  “As an athlete, and now working with the athletic department, I know how important support from the campus and the community is, so come watch us!” she laughs.

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