Make the time if you have to.

They say that summer is a time for relaxation and kicking back. With activities and a summer job, I honestly feel just as busy as I do during the school year. Basketball practice, league and open gym take up a lot of my time during the day, and any free time is usually spent napping, writing or trying to find the willpower to work out. June will shortly come to an end, and I feel as if I haven’t made the most of my summer so far. Don’t get me wrong, I love being active and spending as much time as possible playing basketball, but every once in a while, everyone needs a vacation. Whether it’s an out of state vacation or just spending a week out at the lake, a little getaway is always necessary.


    In a week from Thursday, my family and I will be flying out from Minneapolis to La Jolla, California, for our summer vacation, a chance for us to catch our breath and really enjoy our time off. To say that I am excited about this trip would be the understatement of the year. Spending a week where we don’t have to follow a specific schedule or drive to Thief River Falls and Grand Forks for basketball is long overdue for my family. I plan on spending a lot of time laying on the beach with my toes in the sand and a good book in my hands, soaking up some California rays. This vacation will be good for my family to spend quality time together and will give us a chance to celebrate my dad’s retirement.  I have already started counting down the days.


    You don’t have to travel 1,000 miles to have an enjoyable getaway. My family doesn’t have a lake place, but I know that many people anxiously wait for the weekend to come so they can get out to the lake. There’s not many better ways to spend your time than laying out on the dock, going for boat rides, enjoying campfires with friends or splashing around in the cool water. Spending a week away at the lake sounds pretty perfect to me.


    My family may not own a lake home, but my grandparents’ house has a similar aura about it as a place on the lake does to others. When my family and I stay at my grandparents’ home, I am in a state of happiness. You know that one place you have, besides your own home, where you just feel safe, like nothing in the world could possibly go wrong and where you can get away from everything else going on in your life? That’s what “the farm” is to me.  Finding time to stay down there for a week or so has become a struggle over the past years, with all of my brother and my activities, but even if our time is limited to just a short weekend, my family and I always consider our time at the farm as a little vacation.


    Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, car or bike, taking time off is a must for everyone. Summer is a great time to improve your skills in your sports, make some extra cash with a summer job or prepare for your upcoming school year, but you still need to make time for yourself and your family. I try as hard as possible not to use the phrase YOLO, but what can I say, you only live once, make the most out of your summer, be somewhere that makes you happy.