For me, the time to start figuring some things out.

Deciding where you are going to be for the next four years can be a very difficult, excruciating yet defining process, or so I’ve heard. This is what most kids my age and I will be experiencing over the next ten months or so while searching for a college that suits us.

    “Where do you want to go to college?” soon to be seniors can expect to be hearing this question a lot the next few months. It’s unbelievable to think that I will have to know the answer to this question in less than a year, and preferably sooner than that.

    When asked this question I usually give answers such as: “Well I really like St. Ben’s and the Duluth and St. Paul areas.”  I’m lucky enough to have a good idea of what I want to get my degree in. As of now, I attend on majoring in Communications, with a minor in Journalism. I think it’s important for future college students to look for a school that has a good department for their major, to help prepare them for their future career.

    Last Friday, I started my college search by touring the college of St. Benedict’s along with the college of St. John’s in St. Joseph’s. St. Ben’s is an all-girls school, while only boys can enroll in St. John’s, but the unique thing about these two schools is that if you register for classes at one school, you’ll also have classes at the other. Almost like a 2 for 1 deal, two colleges, two different experiences. That’s hard to find in this economy when paying for college.

   On my tour of St. Ben’s, my tour guide mentioned how the college was “in the middle of nowhere”. I laughed at this, thinking of where I live. St. Ben’s, located in St. Joseph’s, is about 5 minutes away from St. Cloud. With this convenience, you get a feel for a small school, but you’re not far from a bigger city. The size of a student’s college is often a major factor when making their decision. As for me, size is somewhat of a factor but my education is the first thing I will be considering.

    When choosing a college, I believe your education should be your first priority. Say you go to school to play a sport. Make sure that you don’t only love the school for its athletic program, but also for its academics. An injury or complication could lead to a very unhappy, four years if you aren’t satisfied with the schools scholastic achievement.  And if your parents are paying over $10,000 a year for you to go to the school, make sure you’re enjoying your time there.

    College is just around the corner, and serious preparation and decision making starts now. It’s time to start touring schools you’re interested in, applying to those schools and applying for scholarships. With all this going on, senior year will come to an end sooner than we know it. My hopes for my fellow senior classmates are that you all apply yourself in finding a school that suits you, no matter how overwhelming it may be, and if college isn’t the next step for you, find something that you’re passionate about and can be successful in.

    And most importantly, make the most of your senior year and enjoy the limited amount of time you have left of being a kid before taking the next step toward your adult life.