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April 3, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Napping on the couch with Grandpa
Your awake time expired
when Grandpa got tired
And if you were wired
napping was the last thing desired
But at midday we rested
On the sofa we nested
"Peace and quiet" Grandma requested
as squirrelly youngsters were tested
You see Grandpa's arms were a nook
Held on his warm lap you'd cook
With animated voice he'd read you a book
Soon you'd be fast asleep...
His gentle voice was all it took
His loving blue eyes so full of care
Of which my heart yet holds aware
Now all we see is that big empty chair
Oh how we wish that he was still there
I'm a man now but my mind still finds him at night
especially after the day's been a fright
His angel arms are there holding me tight
as I rest assured that everything will be alright.
The Grandpa Chair

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