Before reading this column please go to and search for "Crookston."

Before reading this column please go to and search for "Crookston."

You shouldn't have to scroll too far to find somebody bashing the community. And as somebody that has been born and raised in this community it makes me furious to see someone bad-mouth my home.

The purpose of this column is not meant to make Kristi Johnson, the writer of a Times' letter to the editor about Kamille Wahlin not deserving her own day, feel terrible for bashing Kamille.

Nor is this column meant to lay out all the great things Wahlin has accomplished at such a young age and what a great person she is. There have been several letters to the editor that have done a terrific job doing just that.

The purpose of this column is to ask Mayor Dave Genereux to proclaim more days honoring Crookstonites that are great ambassadors to the community.

If you went to Twitter on Kamille Wahlin Day, which was Sunday, Feb. 26, and searched "Crookston" you would've seen a number of Iowa media and fans tweeting about Kamille Wahlin Day in Crookston and recognizing the great honor it was for her.

That's exactly what Crookston needs. Get the word out about our great community and all the great people that come from here.

Unfortunately, I was unable to see Kamille play for the Pirates as I was in college at that time but I conducted a question and answer piece with her a couple years ago for the Times. I know the Wahlin family very well and Crookston is fortunate to have them.

I didn't agree with how Kristi Johnson's letter was written because it was written as if Kamille or someone in her family asked to be honored.

Make no mistake, Kamille did not ask to have a day in her honor.

In reality, someone outside of the Wahlin family came to Mayor Genereux with the idea of a Kamille Wahlin Day and Mayor Genereux made the decision to make the proclamation.

Props to the person that brought the idea to Mayor Genereux and props to the mayor for following through with it.

However, I did agree with Johnson that Mayor Genereux should proclaim more days honoring people that represent Crookston in a positive way.

There are way too many negative things being said about Crookston by other young athletes and students.

I commend Mayor Genereux for giving Kamille Wahlin her own day. She is more than deserving with all of her accomplishments and the way she represents Crookston.

We need more days in honor of people that promote Crookston.