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  • Editorial: Five Things, including thoughts on the lockout

  • On the lockout, dunking the editor, the debt ceiling deal, summer vacation and the NFL's return...

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  • Let’s make it a short lockout
    Let’s make this a short lockout, shall we? Let’s get our skilled, experienced and dedicated American Crystal Sugar workers back on the job this week. The company said its offer late last week, rejected soundly by the union on Saturday, was its “final” one, but if this situation is going to move toward some type of solution, that really can’t be the case, can it? Tuesday’s Times’ editorial will discuss the contract offer, the company’s position and the union’s position, but in this space here today, the hope is that the company, a vital part of the Red River Valley economy, realizes that it needs its best people on the job in order to be as successful as it can be. Factories full of replacement workers doing critical duties as we head to pre-pile and campaign time? That just sounds counter-productive.
    Dunk the editor at National Night Out
    Central Park will be bustling with activity Tuesday evening, during Crookston’s latest National Night Out, which seems each year to offer enough new things to keep things fresh. It’s a night designed to show people who might commit crimes against others that neighborhoods and towns band together to help each other out in the hopes of preventing such crimes from happening. It’s a night about communication, awareness and working together as a community for a common good: Less crime and more safety. Oh, and there will be a helicopter landing in the park, which doesn’t happen in Crookston every day. And Times’ Managing Editor Mike Christopherson will be in the brand-new dunk tank for a while. That alone is worth coming down for a bit.
    A moderate compromise
    Was there any doubt that our nation's leaders would come to an agreement just in the nick of time to save the country's credit rating from plummeting to the bottom? Well, after seeing what happened in Minnesota, a lot of people were getting really nervous about it, and for good reason. Nearly hopeless political gridlocks appear to be the new norm, with polar opposites holding out for what they want, not willing to budge until reality makes it very clear that they must if they want to save any possibility of getting reelected. In the end, neither gets everything it wants, but is that so bad? Compromise is what accomplishes the goal in these cases, and what moderation is born out of. And isn't a moderate plan really the best of both worlds without making things too painful for anyone?
    Clock is ticking on summer vacation, kids and parents
    It's August, folks. School starts in 38 days. Kids, get in those last few weekends of care free good times before teachers start piling on the homework, along with practices. Parents, we know you'd send the kids to school tomorrow if you could so you don't have to hear them complain about how bored they are, but be patient. Take the family on that one final summer road trip or see how many holes of golf you can play in one day with your son or daughter. Pretty soon you'll be the one complaining how bored you are because the kids are off to college and you have no one to play with.
    Page 2 of 2 - It’s the most wonderful time of the year?
    NFL fans had a week to remember last week with an entire offseason of free agency jam packed into one interesting week. Stars signed with different teams, big name players were traded, teams overpaid for overrated players and other teams were hesitant to make that big move. It's safe to say most Vikings fans got what they wanted in Donovan McNabb, but the Purple and Gold still have plenty of question marks, namely in the secondary and the receivers. Training camp opens today in Mankato, Minn. for the Vikings and over the next 11 days, fans and media will be looking to see which players are looking good and which ones are struggling. All we hope is that there are no season-ending injuries at this point.

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