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  • Week 12 Fantasy Field Goal results

  • Ben Halos wins this week's Fantasy Field Goal with five touchdowns. He will receive a free pizza and free car wash from Ampride Convenience Mart.

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  • I hate to say I told you so, but I really did tell you so, Mr. Emailer.
    Back in mid-June when Favre-mania was dominating the headlines I wrote a column about how the Vikings should welcome him into the team so he can lead us to a Super Bowl and we can induct him into the Ring of Honor.
    A day or so after the column I received an email from a gentleman in Wisconsin whom I've never met before.
    His email listed a number of things that his cheesy state and Minnesota share "but one thing we won't share is Brett Favre," he said.
    He went on to say, "If you Viking fans welcome this guy with open arms to your team you're in for a heartbreak. His best years as an NFL QB are long behind him, left permanently at a place that Viking fans hate, Lambeau Field."
    Well, Mr. Emailer, I hate to tell you this but the only heartbreak Viking fans may feel this year is losing deep in the playoffs or the Super Bowl. I can't imagine all the heartbreak you Packer fans have felt so far.
    First, with Favre beating you in the Metrodome and then at your beloved Lambeau Field.
    I can understand you how your feelings for Favre have changed, though. All you've known of him is interceptions and a few miraculous plays. But now, he can't throw a pick if he tried and he is playing better than ever.
    So, Mr Emailer, while your Packers fight for their playoff lives, the Vikings are fighting for home-field advantage.
    Good luck.
    Now onto the week 12 Fantasy Field Goal results. This week's winner with five touchdowns is Ben Halos, who also won week 8. For winning, he will receive a free pizza and free car wash from Ampride Convenience Mart.
    His all-Viking team was led by three touchdowns from Brett Favre, while Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin each had one score.
    This was the second time this season that nobody picked Drew Brees and this time he went for five touchdowns. Maybe people will learn their lesson.
    Leading the runningbacks in touchdowns was a group of four with two, while the top receiver was Antonio Gates with two scores.
    For week 13 I would play Brett Favre against a terrible Arizona pass defense on primetime, Chris Johnson because it really doesn't matter who he plays, and Chad Ochocinco against Detroit.
    The email (written 6/17/09)
    Hi Derek,
    There are many things that our cold, upper-Midwest states share: a border, a distinctive dialect, vibrant northwoods and common ancestry to name a few. Many call us “sister states,” but one thing we won’t share is Brett Favre.
    Page 2 of 2 - If you Viking fans welcome this guy with open arms to your team you’re in for heartbreak. His best years as an NFL?QB are long behind him, left permanently at a place that Viking fans hate, Lambeau Field. He got nothing left in the tank for you; he’s teasing you.
    Brett Favre is doing nothing but using your Vikings to extract his delusional version of revenge on the Packers GM, Ted Thompson. Favre said in 2008 during the “divorce” from the Packers: “If I can’t play for you, I want to play against you.” Well you folks are the proud recipients of the team “that plays against you.”
    His fragile, hyper-inflated ego got hurt when he was told last year that “playing in Green Bay was not an option” after he unretired for the “umpteenth” time. Truth be told, Green Bay got sick of his act, the New York Jets got sick of his act and if he plays for the Vikings in 2009, you’ll grow tired of his act as well garuanteed!
    Why should I care? As a Packer fan, I hate the Vikings; let them crash and burn with a washed-up QB, a Packer retread, have a losing record, etc.
    Good luck, we’ll see you Nov 1, 2009 at Lambeau.
    Week 12 Results
    Weekly Pts Overall Top 10 Pts
    1. Ben Halos 30 1. Travis Oliver 330
    t-2. Joe Helgeson 24 2. Jeff Dufault 300
    t-2. Jeff Dufault 24 3. Joe Helgeson 288
    t-2. Charlie Olson 24 4. Nate Ellingson 276
    t-2. Travis Oliver 24 5. Debbie Dufault 264
    t-2. Gary Duckworth 24 t-6. Christian Halos 258
    t-7. Tim Dufault 12 t-6. Charlie Olson 258
    t-7. Christian Halos 12 8. Tim Dufault 246
    t-7. Debbie Dufault 12 t-9. Michael Nicholas 240
    t-10. Michael Nicholas 6 t-9. Dan Kawlewski 240
    t-10. Leah Dufault 6
    t-10. Dan Kawlewski 6

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